Monday, August 11, 2008

New experience since 1997

I have been working/studying since I am born, always with something to do and tasks to fulfill. This is my first time, sitting at home for 2 weeks with nothing to do and unknown about my future. Where will I be? What will I do? What will I settle on? Or when is my next income coming in? ????? All these is unknown, everyday searching for my path / sending resumes. Again and again running in circle, again and again having this peace and having this fear of not having a job.

It has been 2 weeks, jobless... I has been looking forward to have this rest while I am working hard in the company. Even planned to resigned and stay at home for 6 months to rest. But once I have it, I am eager to go back to work force. Only 2 weeks... But I am sure also enjoying myself everyday, relaxing and sleep whenever I want, go anywhere I want at any timing. It is shiok to shop at the shopping mall with little crowd and the sales assistant will be giving you all the attention. At the same time, at the back of my head, the fear is knocking and visiting me once in a while of not having income. I just have to be aware and reason out with myself to enjoy the present moment. You may missed this opportunity of resting before you join back the work force again.

While I am working, I keep finding time to do my own things, examples readings and listening to Dharma talks and chanting. I keep complaining that I have no time but once I have it, I wasted my time away.... Not doing what I wanted to do all along. This is so funny, I guess I am not contented with my current situationa and do not know how to cherish when I have it. It is important to have the right mindfulness to know what we are doing now and make the right effort to do it. To have the right thoughts and understanding to be contented in where we are and stay positive in whatever outcome we recieved. Everything happens for a reason. You will learn and benefit in whatever happens, either good or bad if you reflect upon yourself.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Retrenchment [feelings]

A lot of people have experienced retrenchment and am sure that this is not a good feeling. Different people react to it differently. Some of them very calm and follow the working hour strictly till his last day. Some of them will come in late and go home early or take long tea break and long lunch hour. This not only affects the people who has been retrenched but also the people who are still working in the company. A lot of negative energy been felt in the company and some might have resentment. But from this, you will experience a new feeling and get to know yourself. How strong are you... Whether you can take the setback easily and look forward or keep complaining and spreading negative energy to your colleagues around you. Through this, you also can get to know who is your true friend who will standby you. Some only wants to know what is your progress but some will send you contacts for job opportunities. Some long lost friend will come back to offer you jobs and you know that she is worth keeping. Once a friend told me, one door closed, another door opens, life is like that, IMPERMANENT!!! We have to accept and stay positive. There might be something good for your waiting.... Just be patient, I told myself. But once you are jobless, staying at home, you will feel lonely and insecure. Everyday sending resumes in to different companies but non reply, this is disheartening and worries/fears comes in. But once a call came in for interview, my life suddenly lights up 'tink'... Tomorrow is my 2Nd interview, wish me luck!

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